The Writer

A writer is a person who uses words creatively and transforms them into quality texts. These texts could be short stories, plays, screenplays, poetry, biography or more for daily purpose use like news articles and reports.

This work of art is usually published through a wide range of media.
Writers work through a variety of genres for the expression of their ideas. The genres range from illustrations and graphics to fiction or non-fiction. Some writers can actually transform a still-picture into a heart-touching story. Such is a power of a talented writer.
Many of the films, plays and movies that have made history are based on written work. Based on what a writer writes on, their creations are categorized into various titles like: Performative (e.g.lyricst and screenwriters), Reportage (e.g. blogger, journalist, columnist), Utilitarian (e.g. Ghostwriter and Technical writers) Literary and Creative (e.g. Novelist, Satirist, Poet)Interpretive and Academic (e.g. Biographer, Historian, Lexicographer and Translator)

Well written pieces of work have contributed greatly to the society through various cultural expressions. Sometimes, writers prefers to express the motivation behind their piece of work. A beautiful scenery may be a motivation for a poet while a remarkable life history may be an inspiration for a biographer. While others write for getting paid and are called professionals, there are those writers who work for free and are called non-professionals.

There are various methods that are employed by the writers while working and for each writer it is a unique method. A pen and a paper can be one tool for one writer while modern writers prefer typewriters or keyboard and a digital screen.
A sole writer is the one who writes individually which is often a difficult process as he has to start from scratch with no inputs from others.
In a committee writing, multiple writers are given the task of contributing to a piece of writing that is usually edited by an external or a third party writer.
On the other hand, collaboration types of writers usually work together to come up with a unique creation, the commonest cited example being that of the translation of The Bible into English language.
There are various reasons for a writer to write. He may be trying to communicate out an important message to the society or trying to write textbooks for academic purposes. Some writers simply write to tell a story while others, like the letter writers, do so to woo a lover. Most political or hypnotic articles aim at influencing the society while the military style of write-ups focus on providing instructions.
Writers are also sometimes known as Authors although the later is a broader term and may have legal implications.
A writer may use a pseudonym or a pen name for his work. You may be suprised to know many famous authors like Enid Blyton actually have a different real name. The reason for using a pen name could range from personal choice to avoiding getting into controversies.
Finally, the art of expression of ideas through words has such a high value in the society that there are Awards and Noble prizes for Writers.